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Three generations of the Martinelli family have dedicated their lives to the production of high quality coffee. Our mission is to make every effort to give Omkafè's customers the best cup of coffee possible.
We work with enthusiasm, not only in processing the best coffee beans, but also in transmitting to our customers the knowledge and experience necessary to produce excellent espresso.

Renato Martinelli

The Cooperative, operating in the heart of Brescia’s Garda South Park, mainly collects milk produced in its members’ stables and huts. The milk is then turned into local cheeses such as Formagella Tremosine and Garda, whose unique characteristics are much appreciated by gourmets. Fresh, natural yoghurt, ice-cream and ricotta are also produced.

The oil comes from the production of the western banks of Lake Garda and is a result of the research owed to the continuously initiatives taken for obtaining the recognition of secure, protected and certified origin of the extra virgin olive oil from the olive trees cultivated on the hills of the Brescian banks of Lake Garda.

For over than seventyfive years we have produced wines with the best grapes of Lake Garda.
Love for Garda and Lugana Wines urge us, from generation to generation, to a continuous renewal.
With more then seventy hectares of vineyards and olive groves, the Avanzi family produces, in its winery, the most prestigious Garda and Lugana wines and sparkling wines. With the same care, in our oil-mill, we produce a very low acidity extra virgin olive oil, the famous Garda D.o.p. extra virgin olive oil. We take care of our land and its fruits through a production renewal, combining history with technologies.