We welcome you to a breathtakingly beautiful place with our warm, family hospitality.
The hotel was built on farmland belonging to nonna Lucia.



The idea of offering hospitality came from Anna and Silvano, a couple who were in their 20s in the 1970s: starting from scratch and taking small steps, they slowly but surely breathed life into a dream.



And so, over the years, Village Hotel Lucia grew and grew, thanks to the passion of a real family and to the dedication, perseverance and optimism of humble, hard-working people.

Today, Lucia’s granddaughter has picked up the gauntlet and is taking the family business into the future, with the same love for hospitality that her parents passed down to her. We are a family that is enriched by other families – those of our valued staff members, who day in, day out, transform the values of the Panada family into an unflagging focus on our customers’ needs.